"Work for yourself, not by yourself"
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Thinking of becoming an ITC?

eTravel is South Africa’s largest and most favourite independently owned travel company.

Empowering the travel industry’s best consultants, enabling them to maximise their potential and start their own travel companies with support, systems and expertise is eTravel’s mantra.


eTravel will collect your referral commission, do your invoicing and collect refunds, provide ADM assistance, ticketing and quality control checks, fare expert assistance, payments to suppliers, reconciliation of fund collection from clients, emergency after hours services, preferred partner networks, MIS reports and ITC business analysis tools so you know at any given moment where you stand with your very own business.


eTravel negotiates preferential rates and increased commissions on your behalf, offering up to 85% commission and/or fees on all transactions through your ITC as well as an override opportunity. Did you know up to 80% of the override can be achieved? That’s like getting a 13th or even 14th cheque!  ITCs can earn as much as 90% of the income they generate. The more you generate the more eTravel pays you out.


Whether you’re a wholesale specialist or retail ITC, leisure, groups and incentives, there’s a solution that will hit the spot. If you need a partner who can take care of all the tedious admin work you don’t want to do so that you can focus on with what you do best, go for the Full ITC option. eTravel even has an option for companies seeking ITC services. If all you need is a platform to ticket through, go with eTravel’s Just the Ticket.

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