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eTravel will collect your referral commission, do your invoicing and collect refunds, provide ADM assistance, ticketing and quality control checks, fare expert assistance, payments to suppliers, reconciliation of fund collection from clients, emergency after hours services, preferred partner networks, MIS reports and ITC business analysis tools so you know at any given moment where you stand with your very own business.


eTravel negotiates preferential rates and increased commissions on your behalf, offering up to 85% commission and/or fees on all transactions through your ITC as well as an override opportunity. Did you know up to 80% of the override can be achieved? That’s like getting a 13th or even 14th cheque!  ITCs can earn as much as 90% of the income they generate. The more you generate the more eTravel pays you out.


Whether you’re a wholesale specialist or retail ITC, leisure, groups and incentives, there’s a solution that will hit the spot. If you need a partner who can take care of all the tedious admin work you don’t want to do so that you can focus on with what you do best, go for the Full ITC option. eTravel even has an option for companies seeking ITC services. If all you need is a platform to ticket through, go with eTravel’s Just the Ticket.

When I decided to “go on my own”, I was given some excellent business advice: “Surround yourself with people that make your business look good.” This piece of advice stuck and is ultimately the reason why I chose eTravel as my professional partner in travel. Relationships are everything and with the excellent preferred partner deals, great admin support and access to ticketing 24/7, my business has grown considerably and with that my personal earnings too. I am my own boss while being part of an extended eTravel family, offering the best staff in the business. I also am able to free up time to be available to my family during the day knowing that my business is in good hands. Thank you eTravel for making me look good over the past three years.
Fiona Watermeyer
I joined eTravel in July 2007, the main reason being I always wanted to work for myself. I have been in the travel business for 15 years. I started off in Swaziland with Harvey World for 3 years and have since then been on my own. When I heard eTravel was opening an office in Pietermaritzburg I thought here was my opportunity, because of what great support ITC’s get from eTravel. The main advantage of being on your own is the freedom, you are your own boss, it’s the satisfaction and reward of earning money for yourself. The personal contact with all your clients is inspiring – having that relationship.
Belcy Morris
Moving from a corporate agency to eTravel in 2005 was life changing - it is just amazing! I receive 24/7 backup from the eTravel family and I continue to learn so much about running my own business. It has not only enhanced my family life,, but it has given me a life that I only ever dreamt of. eTravel takes care of all the admin, which frees up my time, allowing me to spend more time doing what is important – selling travel. eTravel gives me the freedom to work with preferred partners which is great not only because of the additional assistance we receive from them, but also because of the windfall override cheque we receive at the end of September every year. eTravel has become an extended family over the years and I am grateful every day for the move I made so long ago – it was truly a life changing decision.
Gill Speechley
I have been with eTravel for 18 glorious months and should have done it years ago. It’s like a wonderful marriage without your identity being taken away, so you can be an independent individual. My time is now my own and I can offer my clients 24/7. I’m in control of my own financial status and eTravel supports all my favourite preferred partners. It’s the best move I have ever made in my life.
Lanie Grierson
Since 1993, most of my time in the travel industry was spent at World Travel. In February 2007, I joined eTravel as Travel Shoppe. From management, to IT to admin, the eTravel system is phenomenal. It facilitates my need for complete independence and allows me to break away from the rules and routine of being an employee. Self-employment brings new meaning to motivation and achievement watching your business grow.
Lisa Du Chenne
I have been a Travel Consultant for the last 12 years, dealing in all types of travel, specialising in Australasia in particular. I joined eTravel in February 2008, eTravel has given me the freedom to run my own business with the knowledge that all the back office headaches are taken care of, enabling me to provide my clients with excellent service, my motto is that the customer is king and I make sure they feel like royalty. Joining eTravel was the best desicion I have ever made, I should have done so sooner. eTravel’s exclusive head office in Hyde Park gives me all the benefits of working in a busy high-tech environment. The support that I receive from management and staff at eTravel is wonderful.
Mark Chiat
I have been in travel for 21 years in total. I worked for a big corporation for 19 years and moved to join the eTravel family to work as an ITC at the beginning of 2007. It was the best decision of my life! My children have benefitted immensely by having me around after school for homework and extra murals and I have benefitted from the fantastic support I get behind the scenes from  eTravel and their dedicated staff. I don’t have to worry about the admin side of my business leaving me to concentrate on what I love doing the most – selling travel. etravel always make sure we are up to date with the latest news and technology without us even having to leave our desks! My clients benefit from me being available to give them that extra personal touch and attention – nothing is an effort. Long may the relationship last! Thank you eTravel.
Shelley Marle
Work is not work! eTravel has given me the tools, knowledge and freedom to love what I do, enjoy what I do and renewed my passion for travel. There is something very exciting about doing things the way you want to do them, and being the boss. You don't have to be a guru with numbers, or know everything, you only have to concentrate on customer service and selling! eTravel has been an incredible support structure for me and my family. It's been five years of growth upon growth for SW Travel, and I am truly blessed to have the eTravel staff on my side. I have not looked back for even one second and truly encourage any potential ITC to make the brave move! My bank manager is also very happy!!!
Sarah Wilson
Feeling like we reached a bit of a dead-end in our previous travel jobs, we decided to take the plunge and join eTravel after being introduced to the benefits and the positive feedback we received from other ITCs. While it was a challenging and daunting move, the transition ended up actually being quite easy. The support we received and still receive is amazing. You are treated like a professional and there are so many benefits such as no administrative worries and excellent preferred supplier deals.
Jenny Voight
In 2008 I joined eTravel and Travel the Globe was established and now eight years later I can without a doubt say that it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. What I thought was going to be a daunting venture was made so smooth and easy thanks to the invaluable support I received from eTravel management and staff. I was immediately made to feel like a member of the eTravel family and with the fabulous backoffice support I received from eTravel I was able to give my clients my undivided attention and outstanding service as I could now focus on what I do best – be a travel agent, without the hassle as standing in as an administrator as well. I also suddenly found myself able to spend more time with my own family and time to watch my daughter dance and my son play cricket, while not compromising on my professional responsibilities. With eTravel I can experience the joy of not only liking my work, but actually loving it and everything that eTravel stands for and their amazing staff. I have gained great independence and flourished even through very difficult health problems and an organ transplant, all through which eTravel was by my side. The relationships that we make with the preferred partners enhances our competitive edge in the market and gives us an opportunity to be able to solve issues quickly and efficiently and sell their products with confidence knowing that we have many back-up solutions and a great team behind us. Thank you eTravel for a fabulous eight years of success and to many more amazing years to come.
Dawn Stockwell
When I joined eTravel in 2008, I was R125k in debt with a trail of people saying I was mad to go on my own right in what was then the thick of the recession. After only three months with eTravel, my first override check was R6k - I thought I was such a winner! Needless to say, by 2010 I came out of debt thanks to the amazing opportunities that eTravel affords its ITCs. In 2014 I bought my first property and this year I received a cheque for R157k - now that’s a winner! If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, there is always scope for attracting money and having tried another company and coming back to eTravel, I can honestly say eTravel offers unbeatable business and personal support along with brilliantly negotiated fares which helps me grow my business hugely year on year, without fail. What more could an ITC wish for? With eTravel the sky is literally the limit.
Vanessa Frankal
Combined, we have been in the travel industry for over 60 years and joining eTravel was the best decision we made in our travel careers. Some of the highlights that we would like to mention about working with eTravel are the help with all our backoffice and paper work. When we receive our month-end sales we know exactly what our monthly budget is as our tickets are issued when payment is made or when a corporate credit card is used – which means for us that there are no hassles or stress on outstanding accounts. eTravel also has buying power for preferred airline partner deals which in turn assists in the pay-outs for our overrides. The eTravel staff are always there to help and assist, a very professional team. Ultimately this leaves us with the time to do what we do best – Sell travel!!!
Kandice Trollip, Nicola Stone and Wendy Trollip


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