Run your own successful independent wholesale company with eTravel…

Let eHolidays, the wholesale division of eTravel, guide you in running your very own successful Independent Wholesale Company. We are experts in the wholesale travel industry and have created a model just for you…


  • Minimum five years’ wholesale experience
  • You must be Galileo or Amadeus certified if you require eHolidays to issue tickets
  • Registered Company as a CC / PTY (we can help with this)


  • Payout structure of 75.0% of all fees / commissions generated paid to you in the month following the invoice date.
  • Travelogic wholesale system: Easy-to-use tour operator software which automates and streamlines your business. Travelogic simplifies your revenue-generating processes by automating quote building, bookings, invoicing, receipting, vouchering, and reconciling creditors for travel enquiries. With Travelogic your business capacity and efficiency will increase exponentially.
  • Negotiated IT fares with selected airlines. Majority of the IT fares are filed on Amadeus and Galileo enabling the IWC to fare quote automatically and avoid complicated fare builds.
  • STO / net rates with a magnitude of suppliers, including but not limited to: Protea Hotels, City Lodge, Legacy, Extraordinary, Sun International, Radisson, Three Cities, Cruises International, Budget Car Rental, Avis & Car Hire Brokers.  eHolidays will assist IWCs with negotiated rates and contracts for required hotels.
  • Log in codes with a variety of online suppliers on account with eHolidays:  GTA, Travco, Exclusively Hotels, Gateway and Lots of Hotels.
  • You have your own corporate identity – no eHolidays branding is required as you are already your own brand!
  • Our back-office system is geared to your business needs and we provide the full administrative / business development support / marketing support  required to make you a success as an IWC
  • Full support and assistance relating to Business start up & set up with constant guidance throughout your business year!
  • eHolidays management and staff focus on the IWC and are there to assist in empowering you to run your own business and make profits without the hassle of additional costs in invoicing packages, staffing and the cost relating to the time associated to administration and managing staff!
  • eHolidays provides the IWC with 2 fares specialists to assist with all fares, complicated routings, ADM disputes, Refund calculations and the distribution of all airline industry updates and negotiated fares are at your fingertips! These fares specialists are the greatest of support for no additional cost.
  • Dedicated Processing Ticketing Consultant assigned to you that means that you build a personal relationship with an individual who then understands you, your business and your clients.
  • eHolidays management and after hours support staff available 24/7/365 at no additional cost!
  • eHolidays provides full Travel Related Administrative functions:
  • Invoicing
  • Refunds
  • ADM’s
  • Ticketing
  • Quality control checks
  • CC Swipes
  • Reconciliation of supplier accounts and payments
  • Referral commission collections
  • Messenger Services
  • Risk Management
  • Personalised hands on Administrative and Ticketing Support 24/7/365


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IWC June 23, 2015