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eTravelConnect App

Upcoming travel?

Nothing better!

Digging through your emails to find all the details?

Nothing worse.

Introducing eTravelConnect, the app that helps busy travellers to travel better.

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Flights: seat info, gate number, cancellation notifications; flight delays; check-in reminders; flight path; and more

Car hire: pick up and drop off time; date and location; rental duration; booking confirmations; and more

Accommodation: property name and address; directions; check-in time and date; check-out info; # of nights; ref. numbers; and more

Share the info

You can share the info with family or colleagues and, more importantly, sync it with your digital calendar.

Human element

And if you need real-life human help, click Contact Details to connect with your dedicated eTravel ITC.

What’s next?

Download eTravelConnect today!

Unless, of course, you’re not that busy and have time to spare…

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