Garth wolff
Garth Wolff - Founder and CEO eTravel Group

Garth's Optimistic Economic Outtlok

Optimistic leaders envision a better future and are able to inspire and motivate others to achieve success. Times might be difficult, but eTravel CEO Garth Wolff won’t let his members wallow. Instead, he encourages his ITCs to stay resilient amidst the resilience, plan ahead and take action. By doing this, Garth leads the way towards a more successful future. 

In an eye-opening interview with Travel News, Garth focuses on the recovery of the travel sector and touches on the exchange rate, the expansion drive we can expect and the positives we can see in our country. “There’s no such thing as a new normal. In travel, we’ll bounce right back,” he says. “By April next year, we are going to boom.”

“I’d rather be an optimist who’s wrong than a pessimist who’s right. South Africa has so much to offer: we have it all. This country is amazing,” he concludes.