About us

Empowering the travel industry’s best consultants, enabling them to maximise their potential and start their own travel companies with support, systems and expertise is eTravel’s mantra.

Founded by Garth Wolff in 1999, eTravel has over 270 affiliated Independent Travel Companies (ITCs) around the country, with a  supporting office in Century City, Cape Town.

Cape Town Offices.

The group has grown to become one of the largest independently owned travel companies in South Africa with an annual turnover and market share that ensures a buying power large enough to have access to the best rates, commissions, overrides and preferred supplier relationships.

Delivering the most possible rewards at the least possible costs, eTravel takes care of all the little details you encounter when running your own travel business, giving you time to focus on what you’re good at and helping you create your very own travel brand.

About Us December 9, 2014