Must I operate from home?

  • No. eTravel’s model is not based on ‘Home Based Agents’ and hence ITC’s can operate from anywhere…. Their homes / Shop fronts / In-houses / own offices / the choice is yours
  • eTravel focuses on providing the ITC a platform to run their own business and hence do not dictate where you are to operate from

Do I need to Register a Company?

  • Yes you do as you are not employed by eTravel and will be running your own business and contracting to eTravel for Administrative / Business / Marketing support

Do I need to Brand as eTravel?

  • You are already your own brand and the reason why your clients will only deal with you
  • Therefore there is no need to waste hard earned money on branding fees
  • So No you do not need to brand as eTravel.
  • Also note that due to confusion that may arise within the marketplace we do not allow any ITC’s to use eTravel as part of their business name BUT
  • Can state that you work in association with eTravel

Am I able to utilise the ASATA Logo?

  • Yes once you have been in operation for more than a year, ASATA will allow you to become an ITC Member via eTravel
  • Until then you may say…. ITC Travel in association with eTravel who are members of ASATA

Am I able to utilise the IATA logo?

  • Yes as long as you state…. ITC Travel in association with eTravel who licenced by IATA

eTravel mostly suits a Leisure Consultant?

  • eTravel can provide support to Individuals and hence no minimum or maximum requirement iro consultants
  • eTravel can provide support to Corporate Consulants (we are predominantly Corporate) / Leisure Consultants / Groups, Conferences and Incentives
  • And our sister company eHolidays can provide support to Wholesalers who want to become IWC’s (Independent Wholesale Companies)

Do I need to generate a minimum monthly turnover?

  • No target at all
  • You run your own business and you determine your destiny


Can IWCs deal with the direct public?

Yes, an IWC is a wholesale specialist and deals mainly with travel agents but can also deal with the direct market – basically your market is your choice!

Does eHolidays require a minimum mark-up on packages?

We provide recommendations however your mark-up is your choice noting that both eHolidays and the IWC needs to make a profit when determining the margins.

Will we be able to deal with the eTravel ITCs?

Yes, we encourage ITCs to book with IWCs but the marketing of your business is up to you.

How does payment work?

Clients pay directly into eHolidays bank account so you save on all the cash deposit fees and it clears quicker for us to ticket on cleared funds & pay suppliers.

Does eHolidays have an online payment option?

Yes, clients can pay using our secure online gateway by logging onto the eHolidays website – Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

All other credit card payments can be done in the office upon receipt of CCCF and front & back copies of the card.

What are my monthly costs?

Travelogic fee at a reduced rate of R500 per month!
Galileo / Amadeus charges between R95 – R230 per month

Merchant fees & forex fees

IWCs keep 75% of commission with full support of a team and we recommend that IWCs cost in service fees to cover monthly expenses.

Can IWCs use their own suppliers and negotiated rates?

Yes absolutely – this is your business and you are the specialist in your field. eHolidays will allow IWCs access to negotiated STO / net rates too!

FAQs June 29, 2015