You ditched the training wheels long ago. Now you want the freedom to ride…

Just the Ticket is the no-frills eTravel platform designed for ITCs who don’t need a full administration and support service.

With ticketing charges as low as R50 + VAT on international tickets and domestic tickets, Just the Ticket saves you money too.

This is just another way eTravel invites you to ride however you want.

No distractions. Just the Ticket.


  • No monthly membership fee and No start-up fee
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience as a travel consultant in a retail travel agency with at least 2 years as a senior
  • Very good understanding of Fares and Ticketing at a Senior Level
  • R50 + Vat per International Transaction
  • R50 + Vat per Domestic Transaction
  • R50 + Vat per Regional Transaction
  • R50 + Vat per Refund Transaction
  • R50 + Vat per ADM Transaction
  • R50 + Vat per manual swipe / TASF Transaction
  • TASF and Manual Swipes + 2.5% merchant fee
  • Ticket + Invoice for ticket
  • Refund + Refund Notice
  • ADM submissions and invoice only
  • No fares assistance – airlines must provide guarantees
  • No sales analysis
  • No copies of invoices


Perfect for me – Take the leap

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The Fine Print

The Fine Print

  • The ITC is responsible for contacting the airline, disputing and following up on disputes, eTravel only processes administration.
  • A Cleared Funds Policy will be strictly applied with no exceptions.
  • Linked to all Land PPs:
    • ITC receives full comm back
    • eTravel keeps full overrides
    • ITCs responsible for following up on all commissions
  • A charge of R200 + Vat applies for every after-hours booking
  • ITCs benefit from a 50% payout on all air overrides
  • Facility Fee based on the number of CIDs:
    • Amadeus: R100 for the first Amadeus user and R45 for every user thereafter
    • Travelport: R165 for first Galileo user and R100 for every user thereafter
  • eTravel retains all BSP commission, however eTravel will reimburse 80% of airline commission where the airline gives 3% or more.
  • Just the Ticket ITCs may not be ITC ASATA members as eTravel does not collect the funds on their behalf for processing clients’ transactions therefore we are not managing the risk. They can however be standalone ASATA members at the full ASATA fee.
  • Funds to be paid from your bank account to eTravel
  • No eTravel Educationals
Just the Ticket June 11, 2015