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Travel in association with eTravel’s ITCs, facilitating your company’s Travel Management, with the consultant focusing on the best possible travel solutions at the best possible price with the best service delivery, whilst eTravel ensures that the administration is done accurately.

The bottom line is to create value for our customers and in turn allow our customers to create value for their customers. We believe in “partnerships” rather than “business relationships”. Only through true “partnerships” can a win:win situation be achieved.


  • Our back office system enables effective Travel Management in the form of MIS Reporting.
  • eTravel provides The Independent Travel Company with fares experts to assist with complicated routings, group requests and competitive fares to ensure that you as the Corporate benefit from this unique partnership.
  • eTravel’s relationship with our Preferred Partners are solid and we can thus provide the support required at times of need for ITCs such as The Independent Travel Company and their clients such as yourselves.
  • Your consultant is available to you 24/7/365 and we are available to The Independent Travel Company 24/7/365 guaranteeing you consistency and service delivery any time of day or night.
  • We can assist with Corporate Agreements and Special Preferred Partner Rates.
  • eTravel enjoys a superior relationships with Preferred Partners which facilitates the swift and efficient handling of problem solving for ITCs and their clients.
  • MIS Reporting is available – standard reports are free, while more extensive reports can be generated for a fee.
  • A fully equipped head-office is dedicated to servicing ITCs around the country, freeing up the consultant to best service you rather than being bogged down with administration.
  • All ITCs have a minimum of five years’ experience as a Travel Consultant with at least two years in a senior position. All ITCs are interviewed to determine if they will be able to fulfill the role as one of the Top Consultants in the country by becoming an ITC.
  • The Independent Travel Company being your direct service provider is able to benefit from the Exempt Micro Enterprise status in terms of Section 9 (1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003.
  • In terms of the BEE Act, The Independent Travel Company is deemed to have a BB-BEE Status Level of a Level Four Contributor, thereby having BB-BEE procurement recognition of 100% under paragraph 6.3, for client purposes.
  • An all-encompassing management service will be provided in order to effectively manage 
the travel budget and drive costs down without compromising the service standards.
  • An overall travel service to be provided which includes flight reservations (scheduled & charter), ground transportation, hotel accommodation, groups, conferences & incentives, foreign exchange, insurance, visa applications and any other travel requirement by the Corporate company.
  • Complaints will be acknowledged and a response will be given within 48 hours subject to feedback from the relevant supplier.
  • All domestic requests will be attended to within six hours and international requests within 24 hours; three quotations will be submitted detailing all restrictions, availability, specials etc.
  • The ITC in association with eTravel is available to your company 24/7/365 for all emergency related travel requirements.

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Corporate June 23, 2015