Empowering the travel industry’s best consultants, enabling them to maximise their potential and start their own travel companies with support, systems and expertise is eTravel’s mantra.

Founded by Garth Wolff in 1999, eTravel has over 270 affiliated Independent Travel Companies (ITCs) around the country, with a supporting in Century City, Cape Town.

The group has grown to become one of the largest independently owned travel companies in South Africa with an annual turnover and market share that ensures a buying power large enough to have access to the best rates, commissions, overrides and preferred supplier relationships.

  • Over 270 affiliated Independent Travel Companies
  • One of the largest independently owned travel companies in SA
  • Buying power to have access to best rates, commissions and overrides


  • No start-up fee
  • Assistance with setting up a new company
  • Your own brand
  • Ditch the admin with eTravel

With eTravel as your ITC partner there is no start-up fee, only a small investment that will be refunded in full with interest if you ever leave the eTravel nest one day. What’s more, you only have to pay this amount once your business as successful based on what you can afford every month.

eTravel is also there to take care of all the little details you encounter when setting up a new travel business – setting up a new company, finding a name and logo, tax and accounting and admin.

Trust eTravel to help you handle quality control checks, offer competitive fares, airline industry updates, marketing tools, business development assistance and promotions and so much more…

You’re already your own brand and clients are loyal to you, even more so now that you have more time to dedicate to finding the perfect solution for them because you are no longer bogged down with tedious admin and following up on commissions.


Choose the eTravel solution that best suits your needs. If you need a partner who can take care of all your headaches and the tedious admin work you don’t want to do so that you can get on with what you do best, go for the Full ITC option.

If all you need is a platform to ticket through, go with eTravel’s Just the Ticket option.

eTravel even has an option for corporates linking our ITCs with corporate clients. We do not deal with the public and are never in competition with you.

eTravel is flexible and genuinely wants to find the option that best suits your needs. Whether you’re a wholesale specialist or retail ITC, leisure, corporate, groups and incentives, there’s a solution that will hit the spot.

Your success is eTravel’s success…

  • Just the Ticket for a ticketing solution
  • Full ITC and IWC solution
  • ITC solution for corporate clients


  • Up to 85% commission or fees
  • Up to 80% override

eTravel gives you up to 85% commission or fees on all transactions through your company, as well as an override opportunity, up to 80% of the override can be achieved.

That’s like getting a 13th or even 14th cheque. You’ll never earn less than 75% on commission / fees on your really slow months.

So when you’re having an average to excellent month you’ll truly feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. You could even earn as much as 90% the more income you generate. The more you generate the more eTravel pays you!

You get the highest possible rewards with the greatest amount of support…


Never underestimate the time and money you’ll lose by trying to do all the admin yourself.

eTravel collects your referral commission, does your invoicing, refunds, provides ADM assistance, ticketing & quality control checks, fare expert assistance, payments to suppliers, reconciliation of fund collection from clients, emergency after hours services, preferred partner networks, MIS reports, ITC business analysis tools so you know at any given moment where you stand with your business, marketing support as well as the eTravel Management Team being your personal BDMs going out and selling your ITC company to gain new business.

What’s more, you’ll also have access to unique online training systems as well as the online private log-in system to the eTravel website – it’s a one-stop-shop made so easy!

As a full ITC, eTravel also pays most of your ASATA membership fees so you can market yourself as a reputable ASATA-accredited agent.

  • Transparent relationship with staff and suppliers
  • Save time and money with eTravel handling the admin
  • Access to online training systems
  • Become an ASATA-accredited agent
Why Us March 12, 2015