Remember to PCI DSS Compliant

PCI DSS Compliance is on everyone’s lips at the moment.  In a nutshell, PCI DSS is a method to securely store and use your clients’ credit card information thereby reducing any potential risk.

It is vital that the credit card information is stored in such a way that minimal access is granted. However, it doesn’t stop there. PCI DSS is also about protecting your documents by making sure your computer’s passwords are strong.

What you can do to try and reduce the risk:

  • Do not store credit card dataNot on emails or physically written anywhere
    • If you do need to store credit card details, use a PCI DSS compliant app called Vault Keeper
  • Maintain Anti-Virus Software
    • Install Firewalls
    • Do regular scans
    • Update your Anti-Virus and Malware software on a regular basis
  • Have strong access measures in place
    • Don’t share your login / password information
    • Make sure your passwords have at least 7+  characters and are made up of both numbers and symbols
    • Change your password every 90 days